Topics of HSM2016

Holistic Sludge Management

  • The need for a holistic approach including environmental effects from sludge handling/management in the total performance efficiency of wastewater treatment
  • Legal aspects that promote holistic sludge management
  • Sludge management in a climate perspective including climate gas emissions
  • Modelling with a holistic approach e.g. LCA assessments and ADM1 modelling

Sludge minimisation

  • Physical and chemical pre-treatment processes, including e.g. chemical conditioning, thickening, dewatering, drying

Sludge reuse and disposal

  • Processes for hygienisation of sludge
  • Emerging contaminants in sludge – upstream reduction or detoxification processes

Recycling of materials from sludge

  • Upstream or downstream processes and procedures for recycling of nutrients and other valuables

Energy recovery

  • Production and utilization of biogas
  • Use of sludge for energy generation including e.g. combustion and thermal gasification